Private Label

What can East American Group do for you?

At EAG we want to provide you the best quality products at a great value and enhance your customer’s experience.

Thanks to our state of the art manufacturing capabilities, extensive formulas and personalized client relationships; our Private Label service is the perfect avenue to optimize your time, value and ensure your products are never outmoded or jeopardized in quality.

EAG covers all the steps necessary to establish your brand. From research and development, formulation, product selection, packaging selection, graphic design, testing and manufacturing, we’ll create your unique product line, customized to your exact specifications.

Steps to Your Brand

Creating your own Brand is an excellent choice and we make it easy. Contact one of our Brand Consultants to assist you through these three simple steps.

Choose you’re Product(s)
Select a product from our Product list and formulations and if you don’t see what you are looking for chances are we can source and custom blend or create for you.

Choose your Packaging
We will seek from standard or custom packaging options including eco-friendly options and find the right packaging for your business.

Design your Labels and Product Decoration
You can provide your own art work and design or we can create for you.

Brand Development

To help you gain a competitive edge in increasingly competitive markets, we offer additional services for your brand and business.

These services include: Website development, Retail Package Design, POP displays, Rack Cards, In-Store Retail Banners, Promotional Items, Product Brochures & Catalogs and Product Manuals.

By choosing one or many of these available services, we can help you to develop strategies, driven by creative methods, to increase and improve your new and existing brands.

Our helpful and insightful Brand Consultants will assist you through all necessary steps, to ensure the finest results and catapult your brand to success.

Take your brand to the next level.

Contact us to discuss your organization’s needs and aspirations and how EAG can help you grow, thrive and profit.

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