Custom Blending

We are structured around the fundamental notion that all ingredients contribute towards the efficacy and quality of our products. This approach ensures that all our custom blends and formulations we offer under our programs have proven to have excellent results.

Our experienced and helpful Research and Development team can create custom formulated products according to your market desires and specifications.

Depending on the complexity of a requested formulation, we can adapt your specific requirements, or build formulas from the ground up.

We can also analyze sample formulas you provide or formulas which we may not carry, or which possess similar attributes to a custom formula you wish to create, in order to emulate, your desired formula.

If you wish to develop your own custom formula, it is advisable to conduct minimal research in order to assure feasibility. We will do everything in our ability to meet your requirements; however knowing exactly what you want, with a basic understanding of the concepts involved, will help us realistically achieve your goals faster and more effectively.

As an industry leader, we dedicate a tremendous amount of attention to formulation innovation. By doing so, we can outdistance competitors and transfer helpful knowledge to our clients.

To achieve this, we are in close contact with our raw material suppliers, who provide us with constant ingredient assistance, availability and discoveries. To ensure perpetual industry enlightenment, we constantly attend seminars and learn of new innovative materials or manufacturing techniques.

You dream and we can blend and formulate for you.

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