About Us

Why Choose EAG?

East American Group (EAG) constantly explores the World to bring you the most comprehensive collection of raw ingredients, packaged products, and general products (see product offerings) to serve your needs.


We travel the globe and establish long-lasting relationships with farmers, growers, producers, suppliers to ensure we are only sourcing the very best.  With our finest selection of high quality ingredients, to ensure our stringent quality standards are met, we only approve products that can deliver consistency and quality.

To ensure we continually meet highest standards of quality the following measures are taken so that you can have a peace of mind.

* Microbial testing

* Chemical Analysis

* Nutritional Content

* Strict adherence to Ingredient Specifications

* Monitor consistency, quality, colour, flavour and texture

* Rick analysis through Certified Programs


With years of experience and expert product knowledge we are committed to providing you only the best. We provide a variety of different products and can meet the needs of food service, grocery, specialty retail chains, warehouse clubs, gourmet stores and online stores. We serve our quality products to North America and around the world.

We are passionate and dedicated to providing you with quality products, great value, variety, convenience and excellent services.

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